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MOIS: Government should increase efficiency through diplomacy and politics to thwart international sanctions and avoid attack

Thursday, 8 November 2012

An article published on the website of the Ministry of  Intelligence  (http://www.vaja.ir) (MOIS) maintains that building up public support and resolving internal dissensions will safeguard Iran against foreign threats, the military threats issued by the Zionist regime (Israel), and the enemies’ hostile actions. The article stressed that the government should try less expensive measures such as increasing its efficiency in order to be able to thwart international sanctions. The analysis recommended  giving  diplomatic and political measures more room to work and using the potential of international organizations to prevent a possible attack against Iran. The article underlined that Iran is highly capable of delivering a firm response to its enemies, emphasizing that “increasing military preparedness to counter hostile actions is also one of the main ways to prevent the outbreak of war.” In addition, the Intelligence Ministry analysis maintained that considering Iran’s military might, the occupying Zionist regime (Israel) will not be able to start a war against Iran without the full support of the United States, so Israeli leaders have learned that any unwise move may lead to their annihilation. “In fact, the unpredictability of the repercussions of taking military action against Iran can be the biggest obstacle in the way of starting a war.” The Intelligence Ministry website, published another  report on the policies of the US presidential candidates towards Iran  arguing that “the policies of the Republicans are very close to the policies of the Zionist regime, and they are explicitly for using military force against Iran’s nuclear facilities… However, the Democrats’ views… are completely different… even though they, too, like the Republicans, are very hostile toward the Iranian nation and have used the expression ‘all options on the table’ many times. In practice, they rely on diplomacy and heavy economic sanctions, and try to persuade other countries to pursue these actions as well.

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  • Published: 3 years ago on Thursday, 8 November 2012
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