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Human rights activists in Iran publish disturbing annual report summarizing human rights violations in 2013

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Human rights activists say that in light of the Iranian regime’s refusal to allow human rights organization to operate and its prevention of free flow of information, this report is incomplete. Statistics reveal that in this past year, 1361644 human rights violations were reported in Iran, 36238 of which involved a direct violation of basic human rights and the rest involving violation of legal rights that, despite their presence of international conventions, are not considered violation of basic rights. 35% of cases occurred in Tehran and the others in the rest of the country:

  • National minorities The human rights organization received 52 reports on the arrest of 258 citizens, 43 incidents of violence against minorities and 3 summons to security and legal entities. 22 citizens were tried in revolutionary court, 24 of whom were sentenced to a total of 722 months in prison and 10 million rial fine. The arrest of national minorities dropped by 31%.
  • Religious minorities 159 reports were received involving the arrest of 531 citizens, 12 incidents of violence, 66 incidence of home searches, 1 incident of closure of a religious prayer site, 39 incidents of prevention of economic and commercial activity of religious minority, 88 incidents of summons to security and legal entities and 9 incidents of suspension from studies. 79 religious minorities were sentenced to a total of 3620 months in prison, 200 months probation, 75 lashings and 41,030,000,000 rials in fines. In this area, 49% of the cases involved Baha’i minorities, 16% Christian and Dervish and 14% Sunni minority. Arrests of religious minorities increased by 36% in relation to last year.
  • Infringement on freedom of expression In this area, 352 reports were received involving 33 incidents of internet filtering, 8 incidents of suspension of newspapers, 5 incidents of internet jamming, 68 incidents of office and bureau closures, 127 incidents of group arrests, 30 incidents of threats and intimidation, 178 summons to legal and security entities. 117 people were sentenced to a total of 4567 months in prison, 111 months probation, 164 lashings and 241 months prohibition on social rights. 18855 incidents of satellite confiscations were reported. The arrest of citizens pertaining to freedom of expression dropped by 71% in relation to last year.
  • Executions, number of women executed doubled 253 reports were filed on 397 death sentences handed down and the execution of 585 people. 49 of whom via public execution. 223 men and the rest women. 15 were executed due to differing ideology and due to political activities for which they were charged with acts of terrorism. Their bodies were not handed over to their families. 52% of those executed were charged with drug-related offenses, 23% with murder,10% with rape, 10% for unknown charges and 4% on charges of terrorism, and less than 1% on charges of spying. 16% of executions occurred in the province of Alborz, 10% in Western Azerbaijan, 8% in Kermanshah and in Sistan and Baluchestan.  Rajai Shahr Prision and the central prison in Urmieh headed the prisons with the largest number of executions. The number of women executed doubled in 2013 in relation to last year.
  • Worker rights. 300 incidents of violation of rights were recorded, including 39 arrests, 3 prevention of worker strikes, 4706 termination of employees, delay in payment of wages of 633 months accrued, and unemployment of 110211 workers. In addition, 48 job-related deaths were recorded, 50 job-related accidents, 709185 incidents of no insurance for workers, and 19 activists were summoned to security and legal entities. 17 worker rights activists were sentenced to a total of 53 months in prison and 12 months probation.
  • Women rights 18 reports that include a total of 46 arrests due to immodest dress, 1 incident of suicide by immolation, 5 honor killings and one summons to legal and security entities. With regards to women, arrests dropped by 100% in relation to last year.
  • In the past year, security forces arrested 1445 citizens due to political civilian activity.


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Thursday, 23 January 2014
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