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Javan: Government continues to degrade journalists and is failing to live up to its promises

Monday, 7 May 2012

IRGC-affiliated Javan:

There is no end to the unfulfilled promises of the government. Since its establishment to date, the government has made many promises that have not been fulfilled. Journalists have experienced this very well, and the unfilled promises of the government to journalists is the same scene of government grant to journalists promised by President Ahmadinejad on Journalists Day last year. At that time, the long lines to obtain the grant and empty gift cards were the result of the President’s promise to journalists. It was never made clear why the same government that would deposit subsidies into the accounts of 70 million citizens every month and would always claim that it was increasing the amount of the subsidy, could not and did not have the money to give a gift to 7,000 journalists, leaving them in a humiliating position in these lines. Several months after this humiliation of journalists, who are the main employees in the media, the head of the Journalism Division of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance is again challenging the honor of journalists, humiliating them. He has apparently forgotten that were it not for the journalists, there would be no media or press and no job for him as head of the Journalism Division! The latest statements made by the head of the division were simply insults of the profession of journalism. Instead of insulting and humiliating others, government officials should try to look at their unfulfilled promises and focus on their efforts on living up to their promises!

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  • Published: 527 days ago on Monday, 7 May 2012
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