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Oil Minister: Subsidy Reform Law enabled Iran to become benzene exporter

Monday, 28 May 2012

Rostam Qasemi, speaking as the pre-sermon speaker of Friday’s prayers, said that “After implementation of the law, Iran has become a benzene exporter to world markets… Prior to implementing the law, Iran used to import U../../../../css/SD_4_billion_in_benzene_annually.__8221.css; He added,


“It was the Europeans who suffered losses from the sanctions they imposed on the Iranian oil industry. The sanctions led to higher international oil prices… Therefore, by doing so, they imposed double sanctions on the Iranian oil industry, but … the Iranian oil industry today faces no deficiency regarding facilities and provision of parts for this industry inside Iran, and everything required for the development of our oil industry is currently manufactured in Iran… The entire development project implemented in Phase 19 of the South Pars Oil Field has been completed by Iranian technicians and experts.”

Rostam Qasemi said there was a day when foreigners were in charge of the development of the Iranian oil industry. “Compare that situation with the development projects underway in our oil industry today, which are implemented in their entirety by Iranian experts, engineers and technicians… Today, after over 100 years of an active oil industry in Iran, we intend to move towards exporting oil industry facilities and oil products, side by side with exporting crude oil.” He added that 80,000 people are currently employed at the South Pars Oil Field, “At this time, we do not have even a single foreign technician or employee on our projects.”

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