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World economy needs political tension with Iran to be resolved

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

In an interview with the website, Iran Diplomacy, economic expert Amir Hossein Tavakoli discussed the impact of economics on the talks between Iran and the 5+1. According to Tavakoli, the current talks have had a clearly positive impact on various markets, including world financial markets. Tavalkoli stated that political, economic and military threats have now evolved into constructive discourse and have undoubtedly had a positive impact on the labor and economic market in Iran and around the world. In response to a question regarding the West’s economic considerations in its decision on Iran’s nuclear portfolio, Tavakoli said that the West has various economic considerations, the most important of which is oil. This does not only involve Iranian, oil but Iran’s strategic position in the region, and particularly in the Persian Gulf, where a significant percentage of the world’s oil passes. What’s more, it is impossible to ignore Iran’s position in supplying the energy required by world industry. While some countries may be able to replace some of Iran’s oil, but replacing all Iranian oil is not worthwhile or profitable, at least not at a reasonable price and within a reasonable amount of time.

Tavakoli continued to say that the next round of talks in Moscow would be particularly sensitive. A constructive process of talks began in Istanbul and Baghdad, in which more serious demands were presented, and the talks were more effective. The continued talks in Moscow indicate a commitment by both sides to draw conclusions. Tavakoli believes that the Moscow talks will be more sensitive and serious than the previous rounds of talks. There is no question that the direction of the talks between Iran and the world powers is affecting oil prices. If the talks move in a positive and constructive direction, we will witness stability and calm.

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