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Iranian Chief of Staff: “We provide Syria with ideological and moral support”

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, Hassan Firouzabadi, answered questions from reporters at a press conference. The main points were –

  • In accordance with the decision made by leaders of the regime, the negotiations with the 5+1 are the responsibility of Mr. Kazem Jalali and his deputy, and only they are authorized to comment on them.
  • Regarding the claims made in the West about Iranian involvement in Syria, Firouzabadi said that the West is hostile to Iran and tries to attribute everything to it. The issue of Syria and our support of the Syrian people relates to Islam and the instructions given by Imam Khomeini. Palestine is an aspect of the Imam’s defense-security ideology and of Islam. God has instructed us not to allow infidels to rule Muslims. The US and Europe sent the bloodthirsty Zionists to Palestine, where they took the Palestinians’ land and slaughtered them. It is our duty to defend Muslims. Syria is the only country that stands strong against Zionist attacks on the Palestinians, and we consider its steadfast stance to be fulfillment of the Koran’s laws, and we support it. We will support anyone who resists the Zionist regime. It is not true that we are involved in Syria. We are not an enemy of the Syrian people. Syria is a friendly nation and remains in the frontline of the resistance. We provide ideological and moral support. Iran was involved in the positive decisions made by the Syrian government, the correct decisions that President Basher Assad made for his people. We want security in Syria and we will help secure and stabilize the situation there.
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