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Former top IRGC official: IRGC helped establish and train Hezbollah in Lebanon

Thursday, 31 May 2012

In an in-depth interview to mark the anniversary of the founding of the IRGC, Mosen Rafigh Doost, a former Minister for IRGC Affairs and the person who spearheaded for the corps’ establishment, gave a detailed explication of the ideology that led to its founding. He stressed that as long as the Islamic revolution has adversaries and enemies, the IRGC needs continue: “Before our revolution, the world was divided into west, east and neutral, and the neutral countries were either aligned with the US or the USSR. Iran was the first state to declare, “Neither east nor west.” They found this slogan unbearable, and as long as we continue to act this way, they will continue to hate us. As long as this hostility exists, there needs to be a force that protects the revolution, and that force is the IRGC. After the Supreme Leader was elected, we insisted on calling him “the leader of the revolution,” not “the leader of Iran,” because we believe that the revolution is not over, but is ongoing. Imam Khomeini said, “If it were not for the IRGC, there would have been no revolution. Today I say, without the IRGC, we would have no a state.”

In another part of the interview, Doost spoke about the extent and type of support the IRGC provides to the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas and the Syrian regime. “I do not know, but we support them. I myself was involved in training Hezbollah, and was responsible for organizing it. They try to pressure us because of our just activity, but we must not abandon this righteous work.”

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  • Published: 3 years ago on Thursday, 31 May 2012
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