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Khabar complains about high food prices

Thursday, 31 May 2012

The website, Khabar, identified with Ali Larijani, complained about the high price of food, in an article titled, “These are High Prices, Not Inflation.” In it, Ali Pakrad explains that what is happening in the Iranian market is not inflation, but increased prices. The price of the food basket, which accounts for 26% of a household’s annual expenditures according to Central Bank’s report, has risen by 89% in Tehran. This price increase is different from what is known as the “rate of inflation,” it is what ordinary citizens feel directly, and is known as the “cost of living.” This horrendous rise in the cost of food, especially in Tehran, coincided with the government’s efforts to regulate the market and control prices by taking measures such as massive imports and creating strategic reserves. The consumer basket, which includes 26 types of food products, including dairy products, beef, vegetables and fruit, oil, tea and sugar, totaled an average of 63,000 tomans in the first year of the current government. Now, three years later, the average cost is 119,000 tomans. Yes, this is an increase in prices, but it is not inflation. The reality is that during the same period, minimum wage increased from 275,000 thousand tomans to 390,000 tomans, a 42% increase, which covers only half of the increased price of food. Whatever the reason for the increased prices, this truly hurts the public, because its purchasing power has declined as has its general welfare. The public bears this burden every day.

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