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“Moscow talks will not be effective”: Editorial in Resalat by Mohammad Kazem Anbarloui

Friday, 1 June 2012

The talks in Baghdad proved that the 5+1 is keeping the commitments it made in Istanbul. They recognized Iran’s nuclear rights under the NPT and agreed that the talks would serve as a foundation for work. In Baghdad, however they proved that they were not living up to any of their commitments. They are aware of Iran’s clear and firm stance, but insist on continuing the talks, proving that they want and need “talks for the sake of talks.” The final weapon in the West’s arsenal in terms of sanction is boycotting Iranian oil. Their economies are shaky, and they are under pressure from the wave of Islamic awakening that has washed over the world as well as anti-capitalist movements in their own countries. They want to use the talks as political oxygen, and we must not help them by providing this artificial respiration. The West’s proposal of stopping enrichment of uranium at 20% and the transfer of enriched uranium into their territory is the most foolish the Europeans and Americans could have possibly made. It is only natural that we would oppose this excessive demand. The Iranian delegation will stress Iran’s right to possess a nuclear fuel cycle and clarify that this foolish proposal is not part of the NPT procedures. The Iranian delegation does not need to allow the 5+1 to act with such nerve and change the principle issue under dispute. We, in accordance with the religious ruling by the Supreme Leader, will never move in the direction of nuclear weapons. We come to the talks, because we hope for nuclear disarmament by the other side. If this does not occur and they continue to demand to maintain a dialogue with us “while they have their finger on the nuclear trigger,” the results of the talks are predetermined. We engaged in the dialogue for ten years, when the other party is not committed to any international procedures. We are in talks with a party that doesn’t even live up to its own commitments and promises. As such, the ineffectiveness is predetermined. They are not our friends. They are our enemies and must pay the price for their hostility.

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