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Sadeq Ziba Kalam: “Iranian diplomats in Baghdad talks earn high marks”

Friday, 1 June 2012

In an editorial in the newspaper Sharq, university lecturer and senor international affairs analyst, Sadeq Ziba Kalam, writes that many analysts view the Baghdad talks as a kind of failure. Three rounds of serious and heavy talks that have lasted many hours have not resulted in any agreement between the parties. Iran presented its package, and the West emphasized its positions. The Iranians did not accept the West’s position, and the West did not enthusiastically accept Iran’s positions. Analysts concluded that the Baghdad talks had no practical outcome. If we look at the Baghdad talks from this perspective alone, this is indeed the conclusion that is called for. The truth is that no clear and concrete agreement was reached in Baghdad, but this is not the only thing that took place in Baghdad. We need to be fair and address another aspect of the Baghdad talks, which even if not a complete victory, was at least a success. In this round, there was at least one turning point between Iran and the West. The two main representatives in the Iranian delegation Jalili and Bakri managed to show the West that they were interested in reaching a solution and agreement. The success of Jalili and Bakri did not end there. They could in the first minutes of the meetings tell the West that Iran was serious about the talks and wanted to reach an agreement, and two days of talks were unnecessary. Jalili and Bakri, however, not only wanted to show the West Iran’s seriousness, but also needed to show them that Iran had red lines, that Iran had interests and was unwilling to compromise these rights and interests. It appears that Jalili and Bakri did their work well. Their artistry is reflected in that they managed to maintain the very delicate and difficult balance between the red lines, on the one hand, and continued talks with the West on the other. They managed to make the West realize that Iran indeed wants to reach an agreement, but at the same time is unwilling to withdraw from a large portion of its red lines. The fact that the West now understands this is Iran’s greatest accomplishment of the Baghdad talks, and for this Jalili and Bakri receive top marks.

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