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Yahya Rahim Safavi, Senior Security Affairs Advisor to Supreme Leader gives interview

Monday, 4 June 2012

In an in-depth interview with Fars News Agency, Yahya (Rahim) Safavi, Senior Security Affairs Advisor to the Supreme Leader, discusses the Iran-Iraq War and the role of Khamenei as the supreme commander of military forces and his impact on the Islamic Awakening in the Middle East as an event that heralds the establishment of an Islamic Middle East:

  • The Islamic Awakening symbolizes the establishment of an Islamic Middle East – the US planned on “handling” Iran after Afghanistan and Iraq (repeats what he said). I would like to emphasize yet again that the US planned on attacking Iran after Iraq and Afghanistan… Their plan was to resolve the Iraq and Afghanistan issues within two years at most and then turn to their strategic targets. But it has been stuck in Afghanistan for ten years now and in Iraq for eight. It has also suffered many losses, not only in terms of life and money. This also led it to be despised and resented by Muslims worldwide. Even the concept of the greater Middle East has flopped, and thanks to Allah today we are seeing an Islamic Middle East take shape. The Islamic Awakening symbolizes the establishment of an Islamic Middle East. Under the wise guidance of the Supreme Leader, Iran has not been harmed or impacted by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. It is amazing how this wisdom has safeguarded Iran from these dangers.
  • The Supreme Leader wisely directed the Second Lebanon War and Cast Lead, and there is no other leader anywhere who can compare to Ayatollah Khamenei – Even the Supreme Leader’s policies on how to wage the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead were extraordinary. I believe the Zionists had planned on advancing at least to the Litani and destroying Hezbollah. However, Iran’s position and that of the Supreme Leader as well as the sacrifice of Hezbollah fighters led to Israel’s defeat for the first time in its “miserable history,” and by a group that is not officially military that acted in the name of Allah and under the influence and with the support of Iran. Even during Operation Cast Lead, the Supreme Leader made two statements, while the Egyptians and Saudis remained silent and supported the massacre of the Sunnis in Gaza. Although they were not Shiites, Iran and the Iranian leadership were the only ones that protected Hamas and the Islamic Jihad… The Lord Almighty granted our Supreme Leader (Khamenei) wisdom and daring, not only for Iran, but for Muslims around the entire world. The personal characteristics of our Supreme Leader are so unique that they cannot be found in any other leader around the globe except for Imam Khamenei.
  • There is a possibility (remote) that the US and Israel will start a war, but Iran will have the last word. “It is likely that even right at the beginning of the war, a million Jews will flee Israel”; 75 million Egyptians have joined Hamas and Hezbollah – “In terms of military analysis, the probability of an all-out military war, both by the US and the Zionist regime against Iran in the near future is very remote, but Iran’s military forces must always be ready, get stronger and increase their readiness to attack and defend, because we do not have definitive information on the future, and must always expect the unexpected. Let me suffice by saying that the political situation of the Zionist regime and the US as well as the economic and political stats of both these countries will not allow them to start a new war. Of course, they may start it, but they will not control when it ends, Iran will. The Netanyahu government is fragile, and if they want to wage a military war against Iran, some will probably leave his coalition. Given the domestic situation of the Zionists, if they start a war against Iran, in the first week or two, a million Jews will probably flee Israel. The Zionists are weak. I do not predict a big war, at least not in the near future, because the Zionists are very weak. Hezbollah and Hamas have faced them in the past, but now they have been joined by 75 million Egyptian citizens, who have “shut the gas spigot on them.” The Egyptians, like the Iranians, are anti-Zionist and are viewed as a major risk near Israel. While the Egyptian revolution has still not run its course, next to Hezbollah and Hamas the Zionist see a threat to their very existence. Therefore is not reasonable to believe that they would do something stupid and attack Iran. In any event, both the army and the IRGC have effective plans for any type of risk and are prepared to handle any threat. Our people are courageous and hate the Zionists. All Muslims oppose the bogus, blood thirsty and child-killing regime (Israel).”
  • Hezbollah will take action against Israel if it harms Iran; Nasrallah is a soldier of Supreme Leader Khamenei – “Lebanese Hezbollah can hit Israel with rockets, and it currently has several thousand missiles. If the Israelis want to hit us, it is very likely that Hezbollah will strike them. I know Seyed Hassan Nasrallah as a soldier of the Supreme Leader. We also have no restrictions here in Iran, and our long-range missiles can respond well. There is no spot that is outside the range of our missiles.”
  • All the US bases are within strike range of Iranian missiles – “We are alert to any military action or threat by them and will strike back at them based on any type of attack against us. We will act wisely and cautiously, meaning that we will hit them at the same strength as they hit us. We do not have direct access to US soil, but the US has many bases and interests in the region, and all of them are vulnerable and within our range. The Americans are well aware of this. US military forces are at risk of attack.”

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  • Published: 26 days ago on Monday, 4 June 2012
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