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Key points from nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili’s press conference

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The following are the key points from the press conference held by nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili:

  • Our scientists have been able to enrich uranium themselves - We used our legal rights within the NPT to enrich uranium. …Our scientists were able to enrich uranium themselves. They turned it into fuel plates and created fuel complexes. Fortunately, today we have managed to meet our own needs. However (in future talks), discussions about how to meet this need could be a CBM measure, if we could work on a framework in which Iran’s need to enrich uranium is recognized. These were the points that we raised in our discussions with the P5+1. We provided documents for our arguments, justified them and showed them the capacities in the field… We believe that according to valid legal documents, particularly NPT and what was discussed in the 2010 NPT review conference action plan document, enriching uranium and possessing fuel cycle are among the rights of NPT members. One of our basic discussions is that if we intend to negotiate the points mentioned above, we need to base such negotiations on our rights within the NPT… We mentioned five points and said that the Iranian nation’s right to enrichment and reforming the behavior which is against the Iranian nation’s rights will be steps that should be taken for winning Iranian nation’s trust.
  • The talks between Iran and P5+1 can be only be successful if expert meetings can be held between different rounds of talks in order to bring closer the views of the two sides…. as Ms Ashton has also stated, the most important agreement in the Moscow talks was the acceptance of Iran’s view on holding expert meetings. We welcome the fact that the other side eventually accepted our view, albeit after a two-month delay, and we attach importance to this agreement.
  • We rejected the proposed date for expert discussions - They suggested that expert meetings be held on 12 Tir (July 2). We checked the calendar. This day (July 3, 1988) is filled with bitter memories for the Iranian nation, as it is the date on which an American warship attacked an Iranian passenger aircraft (Iran Air Flight 655), and innocent people were killed. We rejected that date …We hope that after holding expert meetings and the following meetings of deputies, Mr. Baqeri and Ms Schmidt will gain acceptable results and present proposals, so that Ms Ashton and I can make a decision regarding the place and time of the next round of talks.
  • Non-nuclear issues part of the agenda - We definitely sated that non-nuclear issues will be part of the agenda as a main point. Of course, the issue of disarmament and non-proliferation is one of the main points considered in the nuclear issues. One of the main and serious questions currently being considered is who provided the Zionist regime with nuclear weapons? This is a very serious issue. Furthermore, what kind of measures is the international community going to take to disarm the Zionist regime?


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