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Rahimi: Zionists behind international drug trade

Friday, 6 July 2012

Mohammad Reza Rahimi, First Vice President of Iran, spoke a ceremony marking the annual International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. He said, “The development and trafficking of drugs is rooted in Zionist Talmudic studies. This book teaches how to exterminate non-Jews and how to cultivate Jewish fetuses in their mother’s womb. Indeed, 80% of America’s wealth is held by 6% of world Jewry, and according to an American scholar, a Jewish gynecologist castrated 8,0000 American Indians to reduce their number. All this is taught in the Talmud. Talmudic studies are against Christians and also Muslims. Jews consider others their servants. Everything that happened in Russia and the workers movement, all began with steps taken by the Jews and their leaders. However, subsequent studies have shown that not a single Jew was among those killed.

Wherever there is bloodshed, that also includes Muslims, the Jews are behind the scenes. Destruction is not caused only by drugs, but also via cultural issues, they are spreading a culture in which boys and girls do not ascribe any importance to their parents. They are taking control of the global media to promote Jewish ideology and want to plunder the sources of other countries’ cultural richness. They created the dispute and rift between Sunnis and Shi’ites. Their main goal is the destruction of calm and security.

Since their forces entered Afghanistan, the sowing of opium poppies has increased 60%, otherwise Iran would have purchased all of Afghanistan’s opium to produce morphine for medical use. We could take money from Afghanistan and open a route for transferring drugs to Europe. It would be income for Iran, but it is against our morals and law. Indeed, 13% of the drug addicts in Europe are addicted to opium.

We respect the people of Moses, but oppose international Zionism. Drug trafficking is the work of the Zionists, although there is not even a single drug addict among the Zionists themselves. We call on scholars and international organizations to research how it happened that the Zionists traffic drugs, but are themselves not drug addicts. Worldwide, 210 million people have tried drugs at least once and there are 27 million drug addicts, mostly in Asian countries. Every drug addict complicates the lives of five others around him. Today, 70% of the inmates in Iranian jails are drug offenders. The judiciary has 300,000 drug-related cases on the docket, and they consume most of its time. Each time the head of drug cell is executed in Iran, in accordance with Iranian law, they make a big racket. Our question is, you traffic the drugs and we execute the offenders. Why all the fuss? This is what is called “Zionist propaganda.” It is a new arrival in our country; thieves in their country shout, “Thief, thief.”

Most of the drug trafficking is done in African countries, because Africa does not have money to buy drugs. In the US, 10% of the population is addicted to drugs, but behind the scenes of everything related to drugs, you will find Zionist interests. For many years, Iran has been forced to host three million Afghans; Iran is the country with the largest percentage of immigrants. If they left Iran, our unemployment rate would drop to zero, that is exactly the number of unemployed people here. The US claims that it knows what happens at some base or another via satellite. Why then does it not see all of the poppy farms? Are they blind?

The imperialists and Zionist strike wherever there signs of Iranian independence and freedom. Why should Iran sacrifice 4,000 in the war on drugs, while not even one drop of blood falls from the nose of single one of them? If the Secretary General of the Iranian Drug Enforcement Agency (Mostafa Najjar) builds walls around the country to keep opium out, what would happen to industrial materials? There are hands behind the scenes.

A US senator said that they will strike Iran by poisoning cigarettes. So we must tell our citizens and students what they are facing. According to doctors, our body has a balanced amount of drugs, so when someone uses drugs, everything in their body becomes disordered, explaining why drug addicts suffer such pain when they detox.

Behind all these drug-related events are Zionists. Iran is ready to pay the cost of research so that all countries learn that Zionism is the cause of the world’s major player in drug trafficking. The Iranian people are strong and satisfied despite all of the sanctions. There is no way to combat drugs other than preparing citizens; we must not fill the prisons with drugs.

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  • Published: 3 years ago on Friday, 6 July 2012
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