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Fars News Agency: Opening ceremony of Olympic Games - smacked of “colonialism” and “Zionism”

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Fars report maintained that “the Londoners were unable to ignore their colonial characteristics in the opening ceremony,” adding that there are good reasons to believe that the entire concept of the opening ceremony was “colonialist” as well as “Zionist.” The report added that the Olympics “began with chanting of the term ‘Jerusalem,’” which was chosen by the ceremony’s director Danny Boyle and says that in “Jewish-Zionist” dictionary, Jerusalem symbolizes the Promised Land. “Selection of this term is not accidental. The director of the opening ceremony Danny Boyle has nicely explained the meaning of Jerusalem: “Jerusalem means a better world…. A world with genuine freedom and equality… Boyle has echoed the term ‘welfare government’ incorrectly and mischievously in his statement.” Fars News also claimed that the term “Zion” is concealed in the logo of the Olympics and stated that this along with the use of “Jerusalem” make it clear that the opening ceremony of the Olympics can be termed Zionist. The report also criticized the theme of Industrial Revolution in the opening ceremony: “The history [of the Industrial Revolution] can be a matter of pride for the British nation, (but) it is hateful and appalling for the countries that were under the burden of colonialism… If the Olympics were related to humanism, it should not have been inaugurated with such a blatant scent of colonialism… The combination of Zionism and colonialism at the London Olympics cannot be taken lightly. In fact, the two phenomena, both of which have proved their enmity towards humanity, have overshadowed a humanistic event; therefore we should not have positive expectations from the London Olympics.”

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