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Guidelines for resistive economy

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Khamenei address (July 29) at a meeting with researchers, experts and innovators in the field of science and technology. Key points:

  • We should admit addiction and dependence on oil Generating wealth by selling natural and limited resources, such as oil, is not advancement; it’s delusion… We should admit that dependence on oil is a trap for our country. We are dependent upon (crude) oil exports… We have tried for years to get rid of this destructive addiction, but have not been able to eliminate it completely. We must believe that one dayIran will reach a point when it will be able to seal its oil wells whenever needed. We should rely on science and support science-based companies if we want to resolve these problems and achieve real economic progress.
  • The key - science-based companies In this meeting, we want to achieve two goals: first, to encourage our scientists, researchers and intellectuals to create these (science-based) companies and distribute products generated by those companies among the people; second, we - mainly the government - should deal with these companies’ problems and cultivate them properly.
  • The engine - private sector Government companies must not take over the greater part in financial assistance and support leading private and non-governmental companies behind the doors… We must do something so that private companies will be able to literally stand on their own feet in assisting science-based companies… The private sector would be the engine.

Conclusion: Institutions, including universities, government agencies and everyone who has the capability to assist scientifically or financially must make an effort to do what they are supposed to do. Resistive economy is not a slogan; it is a reality… It is obvious that moving towards new horizons will have its opponents: internal economical, political regional or global. This will sometimes lead to diverse pressures - political pressures, sanctions, propaganda pressures, etc… However, there is will and decisions that will enable us to walk through these thrones and get to the target. …Yes there are problems, but all of them are smaller than the determination, ideal, decision of this nation and country… We are right in the center of the arena… It is like a field for sports competitions… There is the fatigue, worry; however, no athlete will avoid taking the field… It requires effort; physical and mental pressure. We are in a situation like this. Historically, our situation is considered to be an eternal move… The Revolution guided the country and nation towards an effective and eternal historic move. In a situation like this, the economy should be a resistive one and accompanied with resistance against an enemy’s sabotage and enmity. One of the sectors I believe could strengthen the resistive economy is what you do - the science-based companies. It is one the best features and symbols of resistive economy.

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  • Published: 3 years ago on Wednesday, 1 August 2012
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