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Khamenei’s representative to IRGC urges action for reappearance of the Mahdi

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hojjatoleslam Ali Sa’idi, Khamenei’s representative to the IRGC, referred in his Friday prayer speech this week in Tehran to the advent of the Lord of the Age (Mahdi, Twelver Shiites believe that the 12th Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Mahdi will reappear as the ultimate savior of mankind), and said that the regime of religious guardianship in Iran is closest to the regime of the Imam of the Age. He added that the Middle East has to transform completely, “With the rule of Saddam over Iraq and that of Hosni Mubarak over Egypt, the conditions for the arrival of the Imam of the Age would never have been right.” The center of the Islamic Awakening is also Iran, and Khamenei is the axis… The next awakening (after the Middle East) must be international, and then the people of the United States and Europe as well as some of the nations in the Middle East must wake up. He added, “The main burden of preparing the ground for the advent of the Imam of the Age rests on Khamenei, the Iranian people and the IRGC… The Basij plays a role… The advent of the Imam of the Age requires 100 million self-sacrificing IRGC members and Basijis.” The Supreme Leader’s representative stressed that many of the signs of the reappearance have been witnessed over the years, but the conditions for the advent are linked and will occur before the advent. He named some of the conditions: belief in and acceptance of religious guardianship, protecting the principles and foundations of the Revolution, resisting imperialist powers and fostering individual readiness. He said that three junctures in history, the will of God in all its aspects was pitted against the will of His rebellious servants. The first juncture was the age of the rule of the pharaoh; the second juncture, the age of Bani ‘Abbas (Abbasids); and the third juncture is our age. “Allah seems to have wanted the world be illuminated with the steps of His Holiness Mahdi and the ground for the arrival of His Holiness be prepared. However, the imperialist powers and all the enemies are trying to prevent the will of the Almighty… One of US goals in Iraq was to counter the phenomenon of Mahdism.”

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  • Published: 318 days ago on Tuesday, 14 August 2012
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