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IRGC issued communiqué on occasion of Defense Industry Day emphasizing the jihadist mentality

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Public Relations Department of the IRGC issued a message that reads, “The country’s defense industry takes advantage of the talents and creativity of the country’s thinkers and technicians. We have now reached a point where this scene is an exhibition of grandeur, dynamism, compatibility and might for meeting the needs the country’s armed forces… Elevating the production capacity in various sectors, growth of the elite expertise volume, development of the science-based networks, and increased access to advanced defense terminals and technologies are among the Iran’s defense industry’s capabilities and achievements… Despite the full scale enmity of the oppression front and the global oppression system against the Iranian nation and the chain of sanctions over the past 33 years, the defense industries have taken advantage of the existing potential as well as the capabilities of its own creative forces, providing for Iran’s basic requirements and defense needs… In this period, the defense industry has set the foundations of a strong and mighty structure in this field, challenging the oppressing powers that are armed with superior advanced technologies and pushed them towards a pacifist stand.” In conclusion the message reads, “This jihadi mentality… of the mature and combatant Iranian nation in performance of their sensitive prophecy of safeguarding Iran’s territorial integrity and the ideals and values of the Islamic Revolution are always ready for selfless endeavors, sacrificing their lives and creating everlasting and fateful epics in combat against the enemies.

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