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“Continued crisis in Syria is a lose-lose game for all parties in the region and worldwide”

Friday, 24 August 2012

An article by Ali Kadri titled, “The Changing Balance in Syria and Turkey: SAM vs. Stinger.” Everybody loses: There is no doubt that the crisis in Syria is the result of internal issues. The crisis began when the waves of the Arab revolution reached this country. While the Syrian regime is far better than the other Arab regimes, we must it admit that it is also tainted with dictatorial and undemocratic characteristics. When the crisis began, a series of reforms were implemented, but they were too little, too late. Under regular conditions, they could have changed the image of the regime. These reforms were accepted by many of the citizens, but in fact, they were not able to change the regime’s image. While these reforms were accepted by many, there were not able to halt the spread of the crisis in Syria, and some of the members of the opposition, who had learned from experience in Libya, turned to armed conflict in order to depose the regime. However, over time it was proved, to Syrians and to others as well, that the continuation of the crisis in Syria is more attributable to a well-defined regional and international plan designed to remove Syria from Iran’s regional axis (of resistance) and Syria’s international axis. The recent statements made by Hillary Clinton are proof of this: “The pressure on Syria will continue until it severs its alliance with Iran and Hezbollah.” This proves that what is happening in Syria is not a “struggle on behalf of Syria,” but “a struggle for Syria,” a struggle that in the end will delineate “a new map of the Middle East.” According to a report in the newspaper, al Akhbar, published in Beirut, the new Western plan includes the creation of a no-fly zone, while relying on unique Stinger MANPADS that can respond well to Syrian MiGs. These MANPADS will be available to the Syrian rebels, as intended by Turkish intelligence and Turkish military officers, who will provide the necessary training. However, the Syrians will not simply remain silent if a no-fly zone is imposed. Some commentators believe that Syria will respond by arming PKK operatives with new-generation SAM MANPADS, and this could create a change in strategy in the Turkish military’s air attack strategy against the Turkish rebels. Use of these weapons could also lead to a change in the balance of power that would bad for regional, and even global, security. There is no doubt that the continuation of the crisis in Syria is a lose-lose game for all parties in the region and worldwide. The key to resolving the crisis in Syria is outside of Syria, but there is still no clear forecast for a political solution for this crisis.

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Friday, 24 August 2012
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