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Ahmadinejad’s request to visit Evin Prison is rejected for a second time by the judiciary

Monday, 22 October 2012

Ahmadinejad asked the head of the judiciary, Sadegh Larijani, in a letter for quick processing of a permit to visit Evin Prison, after his request for entry on October 17th was rejected. His request, however, was reject for a second time. Judiciary Spokesman, Mohseni-Ezhe’I, said that “If we look at the situation carefully, we will see that a visit to Evin prison under the current circumstance is not appropriate, because it might create doubt in people’s minds as to why, instead of paying attention to the issue of currency and the economy, the President is visiting Evin Prison… In our view, a visit to Evin Prison is a peripheral issue… As we are on the threshold of elections, we must avoid certain decisions, and as the Supreme Leader stressed, we must make every effort to ensure a calm atmosphere and avoid any issue that could cause unrest.” Ahmadinejad wants to visit his senior aide, Ali Akbar Javanfekr, convicted of “insulting Islam” with a special edition of his newspaper, Iran. Keyhan followed the judiciary line and in an editorial by Hoseyn Shariatmadari (generally reflects Khamenei’s views) referred under the headline “Maybe another time!” to Ahmadinejad’s open letter to the head of the judiciary, maintaining that “Although it is the President’s right to visit all institutions in the country, these types of letters are generally kept confidential… The President knows that this letter will also be scrutinized  by the envious eyes of the enemies of Islam and the Revolution, because now, more than ever, they are training their spotlights on Iran’s internal politics… Over the past seven years of his term in office, the President has never visited the prisons.” Shariatmadari concluded that  these days, when  Iran serves as  a key role model in both regional and international developments and pays a heavy price such as uncontrolled high prices of basic commodities and services, which need urgent solutions and decision making, especially by the government and the honorable President, raising old and marginal issues could be viewed as wasting opportunities and being ignorant - albeit unintentionally - toward the urgent needs of the people. Should his visit be postponed again, there would be doubts regarding tensions between the Judiciary and the Executive, and also the foreign enemies and their domestic followers will seize it as an opportunity to spread lies about Evin Prison… In order to prevent any misunderstanding and ambiguity in public opinion, this visit must be postponed.

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Monday, 22 October 2012
  • By: Iran Daily Brief
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