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Asre Iran editorial: “Anyone who loved Ahmadinejad yesterday is guilty of current circumstances”

Monday, 29 October 2012

Criticism of Ahmadinejad has been increasing steadily for a long time, as has the level of the people criticisizing him. The criticism has grown more aggressive, resulting in a situation in which yesterday’s supporters are trying to outdo each other in their current criticism of the President. The question is whether Ahmadinejad has suddenly changed to reach the current situation or whether the current situation is essentially the continuation of a process that began seven years ago and has reached its current state following numerous ups and downs. Some claim that Ahmadinejad has changed. Although all people can change, and Ahmadinejad is no exception, the author believes that this is the same Ahmadinejad of 2005, and even then warnings were sounded about the ramifications of his rise to power, warnings that were based on in-depth knowledge of the President. The question now being asked is why some are only now remembering to criticize him? The answer can be divided into two categories. First, some of today’s critics had been, until now, silent with respect to criticism of Ahmadinejad and their silence was self-serving. Second, the scope of the negative impact of the government’s failing performance has reached such dimensions that silence is no longer an option. The truth is that had his actions as President been reviewed by the media and officials from the beginning in a fair and just manner, and had they focused on the negative aspects of the government’s performance alongside the positive aspects and had they not sanctified the government, we would not have deteriorated to the state in which we currently find ourselves. Ahmadinejad essentially is the same Ahmadinejad as in the past, but with one difference. In recent years, he managed to create an arena in which his elimination from the arena would be extremely difficult and exact a high price. He realized that he would manage to complete his entire term in office and could remain indifferent and not have to account for his performance. As such, even when asked by the Majlis, Ahmadinejad smirked and quipped in response to all issues because he knew that nothing would threaten his regime. This state was the result of exaggerated support of Ahmadinejad. We have not forgotten that there were those at the beginning of the ninth government’s term who coined Ahmadinejad and his regime as a divine, religious party and that shut down any criticism against him. We have also not forgotten that some people and bodies that persistently and vehemently supported Ahmadinejad in the government and claimed that any criticism of the government was contrary to national interests, to Islam, etc. In other words, for some, their blind faith prevented them from accurately and genuinely understanding Ahmadinejad’s positions and performance. If Ahmadinejad behaves like this today, it is the result of the same iron wall that was set up around him. What is funny is that those who only yesterday claimed that any criticism of the President was a violation of religion and Islamic values have now become his harshest critics. They must provide an accounting of their unusual and illogical support of the government, since their unlimited support makes them responsible for the current situation. Despite this, the heavy price is almost behind us, but we must learn a lesson from these years and that is from here on out, we cannot exaggerate support of any one man, and we must not suppress opponents and critics to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future. This lesson must be written and rewritten thousands of times by anyone who loved Ahmadinejad yesterday and who became brokenhearted today. Otherwise, tomorrow, instead of Mahmoud, another lover will come along and the cycle will start again.

Several reader responses:

Economy: Absolute 0, Science: fail. Development: Fail. Failure to keep promises: 100.Obedience: 1 (because he listened only to his first vice president). Self-confidence: 100. Respect for others: Fail. Domestic Policy: 0. Foreign Policy: Fail

Ali from Iran: I regret to see his country in this state.

Mansour from Iran: Instead of constantly talking about the President’s problems, we should pressure the Majlis to oust him so that we can all get rid of him.

Anonymous from Iran: Asre Iran is speaking for all of us.

Anonymous from Iran: Dr. Ahmadinejad’s report card from citizens:

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