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A man in hell flees to the snake pit, because he is afraid the scorpion

Monday, 12 November 2012

Keyhan ran an editorial by Mohammad Imani titled, “Were the US elections important?” The most expensive election in history came to an end in a country with the largest deficit. The US deficit exceeds USD 16 trillion, so spending USD 6 billion on the presidential elections, even if it was double what was spent in the elections in 2000 and even if it is done in front of 47 million hungry homeless people, still does not change anything in a system that went into bankruptcy secretly. Since 1972, there have been 11 election campaigns, with an average of 45% of Americans showing no desire to participate in them and decide between Democratic candidate and a  Republican one. Who would have been better for the citizens of of the US, Obama or Romney? Who was preferable for other countries’ governments and peoples? Now after Obama was elected, what challenges face him and how will we relate to the second Obama administration? How important are these elections for us?

  1. For the voters, voting for Obama was the lesser of two evils. Just like that parable about A man in hell flees to the snake pit, because he is afraid the scorpion.
  2. “Despite everything, despite the state of the two parties and their candidates, the influence of the Zionist lobby in the US’ in is on the decline. Though Netanyahu congratulated Obama after his victory, and Zionist forces called him as the best president ever for Israel, over the past year the relations between the two countries have been marked by unprecedented tension, and even led Netanyahu to publicly endorse Romney. Needless to say, this has absolutely nothing to do with Obama’s independence or Romney’s servitude, but is about the limitations that are reducing the power of the United States. As the cycle of resistance and Islamic Awakening, of which  Iran is at the center, of expands and grows stronger, the uphill struggle faced by US and Israeli foreign policy is becoming more difficult and steeper, and the horses that pull the carriage, even if they are of the same breed, are forced to bite each other to move forward. While Obama and Netanyahu must practice coexistence with regard to important issues in the Middle East and work together, the current reality in the world will continuously stoke the tension that exists between the two allies. Obama is too weak to solve the important challenges such as the issue of Palestine, the security of the occupying regime, the Islamic Awakening and the Iranian challenge. He has no ability to maneuver in any direction.”
  3. Obama is a weak version of Bush, just as the US is a smaller and weaker version of itself in 2012. The magnitude of the crimes under the Obama administration does not fall short of those under Bush. You can see the fingerprints of the US in conflicts and crises in the region from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Even if it did not interfere in other countries beyond that, it is only because it could not. The US suffered large setbacks in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan. Through it all, Iran has posed a formidable challenge for the US and done so through Islamic Awakening and resistance.

Not only for us, but also for most countries around the world, even in Europe, Obama and his administration have nothing new to say. There is no doubt that without the power and ability and progress of the revolutionary discourse, the US and the Zionist regime would not have deteriorated to their current state of weakness. The more unified and stronger we lead, the weaker and more splintered of the second front will be, and the weaker and more divided we are, the more united and defiant they will be.

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  • Published: 43 days ago on Monday, 12 November 2012
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