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Internal discussion on Khamenei’s use of Facebook continues

Monday, 31 December 2012

An Asre Iran editorial by Reza Abishawi stated: Following the activation of Khamenei’s page on Facebook, the issue of the social network has become a hot topic in Iranian society. Facebook is the most important social network on the Internet, and although it is blocked in Iran, many Iranians have personal pages there on which they express their opinions. Blocking the site has resulted in government officials and organizations avoiding this social network and essentially blocking themselves from the advantages of this form of media with the target audience and users. Facebook is a tool or channel similar to the telephone, Internet, blog, mail and e-mail, even if inappropriate are said or sent through these communications channel. It does not mean that the channel itself is bad. Facebook is a channel of communications, where anybody can publish anything, positive or negative, insulting or beneficial, etc. This holds true for any form of communication. If the broadcast authority broadcasts improper content, does that mean that we should shut down the entire authority? There is no doubt that the answer would be no. The claim can be made that there are Iranian or other social networks that are not Facebook, through which government organizations and Iranian citizens can carry out the same actions they can on Facebook. There is no doubt that other networks can be used as forms of media, and they should not be ignored. However, the critical point is that no other social network has over one billion members! This is what makes Facebook different than all the rest, and anyone who has a “message” to send but stays away from Facebook is essentially harming himself and blocking himself from an audience of one billion people. Use of Facebook is logical, and I hope that the activation of the page of the Supreme Leader will lead other officials to reconsider blocking Facebook in Iran through a beneficial and wide-scale presence of Iranians on Facebook, which is the most popular site in the world after Google.

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