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“70 think tanks and 2,000 Western media outlets spread hate and enmity towards Iran”

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ali Mohammed Nayini, head of the Headquarters of ‘Ninth of Dey’ Commemoration (the day on which state supporters were mobilized in support of the regime after June 2009 presidential elections), said that “We live in a world where a nation that stands up for its indisputable rights faces much hostility.” He said that currently, 70 US think tanks work daily on different methods to put pressure on Iranian people. “US security and political authorities collect and analyze data to formulate new methods against Iranian people… In addition to these think tanks, eight special US centers for ‘regime overthrow’ contribute to the volume of hostility against Iran.” Nayini pointed to the attempts of the US-based Soros Foundation and added that the turning points in the so-called Color Revolutions were mounting pressure on governments in countries to confess to political fraud, even if falsely, dissolution of the government and loss of legitimacy to govern. “This ploy by the US has been implemented in 22 countries, and has achieved regime change in 17 countries.” Nayini also maintained that launching the BBC Persian service six months before the 2009 street riots in Iran was in line with the policy of persuasion and added that false information spewed by BBC Persian was contributing to the continuation of the riots. “In addition to BBC, tens of other networks, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube among them, were serving the ‘regime overthrow’ plan well… For example, Twitter postponed updating its page with decrees from the US Secretary of State for weeks to avoid any disturbing rumors and lies by US-backed opposition.” Nayini also noted the dispatch of 400,000 e-mail messages to recruit social layers against Iran as another attempt by West in form of ‘soft war’ via social networks.”

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