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Atmosphere of distrust between Iran and 5 +1 on the eve of resumption of talks

Monday, 7 January 2013

Seyed Jalal Sadatian, a lecturer at Allama Tabatabai University and international affairs expert, said that it was simply not possible to be optimistic about the new round of nuclear talks, stressing that guaranteeing the security of Israel is a higher priority for Obama and his administration than engaging in a dialogue and delivering on his pre-election promises to resolve the disputes over Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Obama is interested in finalizing the Iranian nuclear issue in 2013, and therefore will first initiate diplomatic leverage, and if the result is not achieved, he will have no choice but to find another option. He added that Iran conditioned any type of cessation of enrichment, and that only at 20%, on the lifting of the sanctions. The 5+1, however, objected to this request and demanded implementation of confidence-building measures that include Iran ceasing 29% enrichment, moving the enriched uranium out of Iran and closing off the Fordo site in the short term, without sanctions being lifted. The dispute between the two sides about who will be first to initiate a confidence-building measure demonstrates the atmosphere of mistrust that prevails. In such an atmosphere, you cannot expect that a new round of talks will take place in a constructive atmosphere and yield bring tangible results.

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