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Sanctions are going in the direction of oil-for-food

Monday, 7 January 2013

Mohammed Hassan Asafari, a member of the Majlis Committee for National Security and Foreign Policy, referred to Obama’s signing a bill to intensify sanctions and added that the United States wants to escalate the sanctions to achieve results in the upcoming elections in Iran. However, he says that the US should realize that sanctions will encourage the Iranian people to demonstrate the presence and involvement in elections, and the Americans will be the losers in this election. He later added that many countries in the region need Iran’s oil, gas and resources and therefore these sanctions will not last long. According to him, the greater US hostility against Iran grows, the more determined the Iranian people will be. He said that based on past experience, the closer you get to another round of talks with the 5+1, the more pressure through sanctions against Iran increase. He then directed his remarks to the UN Secretary General and asked if he couldn’t see that US sanctions were heading towards “oil-for-food” (implying the model introduced by the Security Council - Resolution 986 from 1995 against the regime of Saddam). He also asked how the UN Secretary General could be silent in light of the price the Iranian people pay for their steadfast stand against the excessive demands of the United States.

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