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Threats Against Political Activists’ Families by the Iranian Embassy in Brazil

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Iranian embassy in Brazil has made telephone threats against the families of Iranian opposition figures overseas. This move followed the sensational sexual harassment of a minor by an official representative of the Iranian embassy, which led to his humiliating expulsion from Brazil.

According to reports which reached the Nedaye Sabze Azadi website, in the framework of the Iranian regime’s harassment of political opponents and activists overseas, the Iranian embassy in Brazil made telephone threats against the families of a number of political opponents residing in Brazil.

It should be noted that the number of Iranians residing in Brazil is very limited, but this is an active community that arranges protest demonstrations and rallies, in particular during the time of President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Brazil and his declaration of support for the Iranian people’s civilian movement.

One Iranian activist who lives in Rio de Janeiro said in the context of this report that it had been brought to his attention three days ago that the Iranian embassy had contacted his home and threatened his mother. In the conversation, his mother was told not to permit her son to participate in demonstrations any more, otherwise she would be confronted.

According to the above-mentioned activist, the caller told his mother “Sooner or later you will need to call on the embassy!” and also threatened to block the family’s bank accounts.

He said that everyone knows these are idle threats that only Iranian regime elements could resort to. He went on to say that everyone there knows that the law is above all, as opposed to in Iran, and even the President of the country could not commit such an unlawful act, and certainly not an employee of a foreign embassy.

At the same time, such an inhuman move, which arouses fear and concern in the vicinity of the Iranian families, cannot be ignored. The activist further states that he and several other families that also received telephone threats, are planning to file a complaint against the Iranian embassy in Brazil.

Confronting opposition elements overseas is a part of the Iranian embassy’s role in various countries, and threats such as these have been made in the past against Iranian expatriates. However, this is the first time that the victims are planning to file a lawsuit on the subject of human rights against Iran in this capacity.


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