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Reactions to Chuck Hagel’s nomination (as Secretary of Defense)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

  • The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said during his weekly press conference: “We hope to see practical changes in US foreign policy and hope that American government officials will act to respect the rights of nations. The Iranian people has no positive experience with the US due to the hostility shown by its officials as well as its interference. We hope that US officials’ approach will be one of seeking peace and security in different places in the world rather than launching wars… If such behavior is pursued, of course, the nations’ hatred towards US policies will decrease, and this will serve to reduce the harm to the US nation. This will be evaluated in practice. To date, there has been a lot of talk, but the behavior of US officials does not match their words.
  •  “He believes in conditional interaction (engagement) with America’s opponents” (E’temad) Mohammad-Farhad Koleyni, senior expert (policy stances of the new nominee especially in connection with Iran?… In America, it is the system that makes the decisions… Chuck Hagel was against placing Hezbollah on the list of American (designated) terrorists. He believes in conditional interaction (engagement) with America’s opponents. At any rate, it is still too soon to judge… The relevant (Iranian) officials should carefully study the situation and provide consultation. We should refrain from any form of emotionality in our judgment, and we should make our decisions on the basis of our national interests. For me, it was questionable as to why precisely when his name was put up for the new post, the Pentagon adopted a stance regarding Iran’s Intelligence Ministry in a 64-page report.
  • Prelude to America’s future policies in the Middle East …Even they portrayed him as an individual who is opposed to military action against Iran and as someone who is not in favor of the Zionist regime (Israel). The position of Secretary of Defense was and remains in the hands of warmongers… America’s defense budget during Obama’s presidency is growing… The Congress determines military support for Israel, while the Secretary of Defense merely carries out their orders… Having said this, no change is expected to the structure of the US Defense Department, and the claims concerning Hagel’s performance and viewpoints cannot be trusted much. Given this situation, the question is why America’s leaders are trying to build a case specific to the notion that Hagel is not in line with the Zionists… In the domestic arena and in front of the people, Obama is pretending that his policies are changing in order to give him more bargaining power with Republicans, especially concerning the fiscal cliff. In the foreign arena, Obama is on the one hand trying to hide and justify new action, and on the other hand, he has a plan for widespread military presence in the Middle East. Given this situation, the preparations made concerning Hagel’s viewpoint can be viewed as a prelude to America’s future policies — particularly in the Middle East — which will be implemented under the pretext that the US Secretary of Defense is not a proponent of the Zionists.

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  • Published: 18 days ago on Wednesday, 9 January 2013
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