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Iran plans its own version of Golden Globe winner, Argo

Monday, 14 January 2013

Argo, a film about the rescue of several American hostages held in Iran during the hostage crisis (Golden Globe winner for best dramatic film) has triggered numerous reactions in Iran. Kayhan, which is the mouthpiece for Iran’s Supreme Leader, defined the movie as a “Zionist, anti-Iranian film and the participation of Iranian actor Rafi Pitts as someone who supports the Fitna (supporters of the protests that followed the June 2009 elections who tried to provoke internal disputes in Iran) and the Green Movement, as “his last collaboration with the Zionists against Iran.” Iran defined Argo as an Iranophobic American movie that attempts to describe Iranians as overemotional, irrational, insane and diabolical, while the CIA agents are represented as heroic and patriotic. Argo is referred to as “an errant instance of Hollywoodism” far from a balanced narration, in which everything is narrated one-sidedly. In a move designed to correct the distortions in the film and to fight what Iran defines as Iranophobia that the West is trying to provoke against Iran, it plans on making a big-budget film about the events surrounding the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in Iran (referred to by Iran as a “den of espionage”). Iranian film director and actor, Ataollah Salmanian, was chosen to create the Iranian response to Argo, Ben Affleck’s blockbuster and historic film, to be titled, The General Staff, and which will chronicle the story of the 20 American hostages who were delivered to the United States by Iran’s revolutionaries. He added that the film was based on eyewitness accounts and depicts the historical event, unlike the American version, which lacks a proper view of the story. Iran’s Art Bureau is to finance Salmanian’s, The General Staff, which is scheduled to start production next year. A neutral, objective Iranian website that reviews films and art claims that Argo will draw a large audience and will be enjoyable to non-Iranian viewers. For Iranian viewers, however, viewing this film will be different, because the film’s story is part of their country’s history. The movie makes no reference to the direct US intervention and involvement in Iran at that time, and the film makes Iran the main culprit! The movie directly and clearly claims that Iranians attacked the American Embassy and took its employees hostage. Up to this point, the content perhaps cannot be disputed, since students who supported the Imam’s positions did take over the embassy and held its employees hostage, and according to international law, illegal entry into another country’s embassy is considered a crime of honor and harming the territory of another country, possibly resulting in a deep crisis between the parties. Ben Affleck’s protest against the capture of the embassy may be seen as legitimate (even in Iran, this issue had many opponents and supporters). At the same time, the fact that the Iranian people throughout the film are presented as semi-barbarians reveals the weakness of the film’s superficial perspective. The Iranian people, as presented in Argo, lack any independent will and blindly support violence. This is an extremely superficial perspective of the film’s producers that causes me, the Iranian viewer, not to believe the film’s story. Most of the events in the film are related in an exaggerated manner, and in terms of the details related to inside Iran, the movie demonstrates tremendous weakness. However, this will be significant only for Iranian viewers. As a film critic, it is extremely difficult for me to rate this film since I, as an Iranian, must note issues that do not provoke my reaction in other films. If I were not Iranian, I might not have been aware of the historical events that occurred between the two countries. The film seems to me to be an excellent film, but when I know that Iran is blamed for everything in the film, I cannot believe the script and give it an objective review.

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