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Revolution in Iran – tool for globalizing Islam; US is main obstacle to appearance of the Mahdi

Monday, 14 January 2013

In a speech given in Isfahan, the Supreme Leader’s representative in the IRGC,  Ali Saeedi, said that the Islamic Revolution in Iran is a tool for globalization of Islam. According to Saeedi, the Egyptian Pharaoh slaughtered thousands of firstborn sons to prevent the appearance of Moses and today, the US is directing its efforts at Iran’s Islamic Revolution since this is a tool to globalize Islam, i.e. resistance against the US. The main enemy is the US, which is the main enemy of the Revolution and the Hidden Imam (the Mahdi, the Messiah according to Shiite beliefs, will come and redeem the world) is the imperialistic regime. Western sanctions are an important test for the Iranian people, and they are designed to test their fortitude. Saeedi emphasized that Iran plays an important and vital role in the appearance of the Hidden Imam, adding that precise action is needed in the upcoming presidential elections and the individual chosen should (actively) comply with the Hidden Imam’s path and not place the regime in a passive position. The president to be elected must support the principle of the Velayat-e Faqih, which must not be changed (implying that this occurred under Ahmadinejad). He added that recent developments in the Middle East are an additional preparation ahead of the coming of the Hidden Imam. He further stressed that as long as a significant change does not occur in the Middle East, the Hidden Imam will not appear. He said that Iran’s role is to lay the groundwork for the appearance of the Hidden Imam. “The Hidden Imam will shake the foundations of the White House, since we might not have the ability to destroy nuclear missiles, but we must be prepared for this.” According to Saeedi, international preparations must also be made for the appearance of the Hidden Imam. Significant change in the US and Europe must occur. The people of the US and Europe must understand that their problem is heresy and a lack of faith in God.

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