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Iran’s economic management team has failed in recent years and taken economy backwards

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Asadollah Asgarolad , head of the Iran Chamber of Commerce in China and a board member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, argued that the root of the foreign exchange crisis is in the poor handling of the sanctions. According to him, the response of some officials to sanctions and their calling the sanctions insignificant was a misstep that led to Iran’s current economic woes. He maintained that half of the huge oil profits, especially over the past 5-6 years, could have been dedicated to overcoming the sanctions, but this was not achieved due to poor management. He stressed that the government’s economic team in recent years has been ineffective and was unable to manage the economy, and therefore Iran went backwards. With prudent management, Iran could halt the sanctions. He argued that poor management was not only economic, but also political. He said the private sector would continue trading, as the West has argued that the sanctions are against the government and not against the people, but due to mismanagement, the sanctions imposed on Iran targeted the people also and this significantly hurt Iran, especially over the past two years. The economic team could have worked in parallel and hand in hand with the political staff and resolve the issues, but the sanctions were tightened and the person officially responsible for the country, Mr. Ahmadinejad, claimed that paper was worthless and torn, despite the fact that we shouted out that this was not the case… Commenting on the new round of sanctions that will be imposed this week, Asgaroladi said that this round will increase the pressures. China and India have still not accepted the sanctions, and this is true for Turkey as well. The new round of sanctions will not have an impact solely if the five countries that maintain extensive trade relations with us, namely China, India, Turkey, Malaysia and Russia, do not succumb to the sanctions. In other words, Asgaroladi claimed that the government is not leveraging the potential and ability of the private sector and does not even consult with it. He criticized this harshly, saying that it is still not too late, and the government must involve the private sector.

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