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Main points from Foreign Ministry Spokesman’s weekly press conference

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

  • Returning nuclear dossier to Security Council is illogical” – Addressing threats to return the nuclear dossier to the Security Council if no results are achieved between Iran and the IAEA in the next round of talks, Ramin Mehmanparast said that the scope of the agreement between Iran and the IAEA is perfectly clear, and all that is needed is recognition of Iran’s right to its nuclear program in accordance with the NPT. Referring the case to the Security Council is a wrong move that they have unfortunately adopted, as it is illogical and illegal.
  • Negative reports of Ahmadinejad’s visit to Egypt – Addressing the President’s trip to Egypt, the Spokesman clarified that the trip was positive and beneficial within the confines of Organization of Islamic Cooperation Conference. According to the Spokesman, the negative reports were designed to diminish the importance of the trip. There has been a revolution in Egypt, but the main and natural institutions have yet to be formed, and it is only natural that various streams will respond differently. What is important is the main demand of the Egyptian people, which loves our nation, and the attitude of Egyptian officials towards Iranian officials proves that they are interested in extensive cooperation. The Spokesman was asked by journalists whether Iran’s unilateral move in canceling the need for visas for Egyptian citizens does not indicate disrespect and is not an insult to Iranian citizens, since this move resulted in Egyptians being able to travel freely to Iran, while Iranians encounter problems when visiting Egypt. The Spokesman responded in the negative, saying that in the world of diplomacy, this is not considered a lack of respect, but proves the government’s desire to develop ties with other countries.
  • Talks with the US meaningless – It is only natural that negotiations are meaningless when the other side cannot fairly and honestly negotiate and has no intention of cooperating or demonstrating goodwill, but only pressure and threats. Negotiations of this kind will not produce any results. They can prove goodwill and honesty by abandoning their hostility towards the Iranian people.
  • Iranian ship carrying arms seized in Yemen – The Spokesman denied reports that the ship carrying arms that was stopped in Yemen belongs to Iran, and emphasized that Iran has frequently stated that it seeks stability and security in regional countries in addition to honoring Yemen’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • Iran-Bulgaria relations following charges of Hezbollah’s involvement in the attack on the Israeli tourist bus – Addressing the bombing of the Israeli tourist bus in Burgas and reports that Iran had recalled its Ambassador to Bulgaria, the Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that reports on the recall of the ambassador (following the findings of the Bulgarian investigation) are incorrect. According to the Spokesman, the Iranian Ambassador to Bulgaria ended his mission, and a ceremony would soon be held to mark the conclusion of his service. The new ambassador has already been named and will soon take over his predecessor’s role.
  • Immoral” handshake of Iran’s Ambassador to Germany with a woman­ – Addressing reports on a handshake between the Iranian Ambassador to Germany and a woman, the Spokesman stressed that the Iranian Ambassador did not violate any Islamic moral code and that reports are part of a propaganda attack. The Spokesman further stated that the media is seeking to blur Iran’s extensive presence at the Munich conference and affect the role that Germany wants to play in establishing beneficial ties.
  • Iran recommends that Americans understand and accept the reality in Syria – Referring to American statements regarding Iranian assistance to Hezbollah in order to protect Hezbollah’s status in Syria in the event of Assad’s downfall, the Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that Iran recommends that Americans understand and accept the reality in Syria. Syrian citizens who see the attack against their country are willing to defend their country alongside the regime and against outside assault.
  • Russian-Iranian cooperation on the nuclear issue – Referring to Foreign Minister Salehi’s trip and preparations for the joint economic and commercial conference as well as talks regarding the Bushehr power plant at this conference, Mehmanparast said that the joint conference would examine all forms of cooperation in various areas and would introduce various proposals. We are cooperating with Russia on the construction of the nuclear plant, for example, and a model of nuclear cooperation for peaceful purposes. It is only natural that we have various plans in this regard. We need the construction of other nuclear power plants to implement the Majlis decision to supply nuclear electricity.

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