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Highlights from the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech to Tabriz residents

Monday, 18 February 2013

  • The fight against sanctions – The religious faith of Iranian citizens is the main reason for its fortitude and ability to withstand external pressures, including sanctions. The enemies are passive when faced with the strong desire, suffering and courage of the Iranian people and are therefore acting illogically. He called American promises to withdraw sanctions should negotiations be conducted with Iran mendacious, saying that they wrongly believe that the Iranian people is suffering from the sanctions, and these promises, therefore can encourage it to enter negotiations with the US and pressure the heads of the country. These promises, however, are part of their deceit  and prove that they have no true intention of entering into a real and fair dialogue. All they want is the submission of the Iranian people. The Islamic regime and the Iranian people are logical, unlike American politicians, and if they find logic in the statements and behaviors of the other side, they will respond accordingly.
  • American statements do not match their actions – The Americans expect that others will submit to their illogical and forced demands, as has happened in other cases, but the Iranian people and the Iranian regime will never submit. The Supreme Leader discussed American claims of willingness to enter negotiations with Iran as another example of the contradiction between the statements and actions of American politicians, adding that they raise this claim, while issuing false accusations against the Iranian regime and people.
  • Iran does not plan on producing nuclear weapons – Not because the US does not like it, but because ideology and belief that nuclear weapons are inhumane. Regarding Iran’s nuclear program, this does not involve nuclear weapons. They want to prevent the Iranian people from exercising its natural right to nuclear enrichment and the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, but they will not be able to prevent this from the Iranian people from doing so.
  • Complaints about high cost of living – The massive and enthusiastic presence of citizens on Revolution Victory Day does not necessarily indicate that citizens have no complaints about the high cost of living and problems. He said that citizens, especially those in the lower classes, are suffering under the burdens, but they are not alienating themselves from the regime, because they know that the Islamic regime can solve the problems.
  • Ahmadinejad acted inappropriately – Citizens are not pleased with the confrontation that took place in the Majlis between the President and the Majlis Speaker. This incident is bad and inappropriate. It saddened me in two respects – the incident itself and the fact that it saddened citizens. Unfortunately, the head of one of the authorities (Ahmadinejad, chairman of the executive branch) accused, without any proof in court, the heads of the two other authorities, the legislative and judiciary branches, and this is bad, inappropriate and violates the law and morals. This behavior harms the basic rights of citizens, their right to live in moral and emotional calm and security. This is not the time for the regime’s interests. The impeachment of the minister for actions not related to the minister himself was out of place. The Majlis Speaker was also slightly out of line. When there is a common enemy and there are plots coming from every direction, all we need to do is to face the enemy with unity and solidarity. He called on government and Majlis officials to devote their efforts to resolving the citizens’ and country’s economic problems.

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