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Iranian society suffering from anomie, confusion due to lax social norms

Monday, 18 February 2013

In an interview to Farafu, sociologist and university lecturer, Dr. Imanallah Karaji Moghdam, claimed that damage to the citizens’ cultural mores and values and the anomie experienced by citizens are the main reasons for increased social plagues such as divorce, adultery, murder, etc. According to Moghdam, Iranian society is suffering from an anomie and is confused due to social norms that have become lax and vague, something that is attributed to a general laxity in faith and ideology. National identity and cultural heritage do not receive sufficient attention in a society that is being attacked from the outside by foreigners as well. Iranian society is losing its identity and moving towards individualism and a lack of identity. Self-restraint does not exist in society and there is no adherence to values in and of themselves. This is why that society, especially in large cities such as Tehran, is heading towards social disaster and rising crime. One of the main reasons is the government’s lack of reference to a national and local culture and identity. In Iran, there is no cultural and ideological work. Iranian music is dying, as are other cultural factors. Society is caving in to a foreign culture.

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  • Published: 7 days ago on Monday, 18 February 2013
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