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Iranians pay heavy price for defense of Syrian regime

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Syrian regime and Syria are not an independent country, but Iran’s backyard. Asre Iran ran an editorial titled, “Mr. Taeb! Express Remorse!” What Mehdi Taeb stated in an peculiar manner, calling Syria Iran’s 35th strategic province, even saying that if the enemy attacks us and want to capture Syria or Khuzestan, our priority will be to protect Syria! Although these statements were made to express concern over Iran’s long-term interests, there is no question that they prove the saying, “The best way to destruction is a bad defense!” These statements completely and diametrically opposed to Iran’s national interests, and the Iranian people’s concern and sense of belonging to Iran and its territorial integrity. These unthinking statements by Mehdi Taeb have even provoked speculation about Iran’s very defense of the Syrian regime, a defense that is exacting a heavy price from the Iranian people. Mr. Taeb must express regret for his statements and apologize. He doesn’t even know that Iran has 31 provinces and not 34! His statements not only do not help the Syrian regime, they only prove to others that the Syrian regime and Syria is not an independent country, but only Iran’s backyard.

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  • Published: 6 days ago on Monday, 18 February 2013
  • By: Iran Daily Brief
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