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“Mr. Ahmadinejad! Do not degrade Shiite beliefs for Hugo Chávez”

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed his condolences on the death of Hugo Chávez, as is appropriate in light of the friendly relations between Iran and Venezuela, as well as the close personal relations between the two presidents. However, in the President’s emotional political message, he was wrong to refer to the Shiite faith. The Shiites believe that the Hidden Imam will appear in the form of the Perfect Man, accompanied by Jesus, and that great people will come back to earth with them, to help bring about world peace and justice. And now, Iran’s president has written in his message of condolence on Chávez’ death, “I have no doubt that he will come back, together with all the righteous people and Jesus, and with the Perfect Man, and he will help mankind achieve peace and justice.” Obviously, the President has every right to express condolences on the death of his colleague, and even to participate in the funeral service, but neither he nor anyone else has the right to misuse Shiite beliefs politically and emotionally, and to state categorically that Chávez will be one of those coming back to this world alongside Jesus. What religious authority does the President have for him to be so certain that Chávez will come back and help achieve world justice?! Ahmadinejad is only a president, with a political title and that is all. He has no right to sell out religious beliefs, especially not on the death of a Latin-American President whose secular past is well-known.

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  • Published: 83 days ago on Thursday, 7 March 2013
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