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Obama’s hostile policy towards Iran hasn’t changed since start of his second term

Monday, 1 April 2013

Mohammad Reza Naqdi, Basij Force Commander, described US President Barack Obama as the most hypocritical US President. “Obama is the most hypocritical President in US history. Obama is false from head to toe… A hypocritical person has three signs - he lies when speaking, breaks his promises and betrays you when you trust him… America should not think that it can clarify its case with the Iranian nation through some diplomatic talks. The American President claims he wants to negotiate with Iran and has made a so-called promise of change to the American nation. But which hostile policy against our country has Obama changed since the start of his term in office? …On the one hand, Obama writes to Iran in order to resolve the nuclear issue, but when a few years ago Turkey and Brazil took steps to resolve the matter and prepared an agreement (fuel swap), Obama behaved very hypocritically and acted against his promises.” He added that in his Nowruz message, Obama said hello in Farsi, but in reality he speaks Hebrew and works in the interest of Israel. America’s case should be clarified by paying blood money for 220,000 martyrs, 100,000 disabled people and the suffering of mothers of martyrs and orphans.” Naqdi added, “The biggest political epic of the (Iranian new) year will be the fall of the American empire and the exposure of its oppressive nature to the whole world.” In this regard Naqdi criticized Michelle Obama for presenting an Oscar to the American film Argo, saying that “This act clearly revealed the political nature of this award to the people of the world.” Iranian officials will post the Barut-e Khis (Wet Gunpowder) Award for US President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama to the Swiss Embassy as the ambassador failed to attend the Barut-e Khis Congress in Iran’s Khuzestan Province. A member of the decision-making council of the International Barut-e Khis Congress said earlier, “By awarding an Oscar to those involved in the anti-Iranian film, Argo, Michelle Obama urged some supporters of the (Islamic) Revolution to organize the international congress of Barut-e Khis to honor Obama’s wife for revealing the Oscars’ true nature towards films about Iran. In other words, Obama’s wife gave further evidence to prove that the Oscars are not artistic, but political.”

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  • Published: 109 days ago on Monday, 1 April 2013
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