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Conflicting reports about presidential candidacy of Minister of Roads and Urban Development

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fars News Agency reported that Ali Nikzad plans on submitting his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections, but an informed source denies that Nikzad is interested in running, and said that he only discussed his participation in the elections arena and that the Fars reporter mistakenly got the impression that he was discussing his candidacy in the elections. In a discussion with a senior government official, Nikzad stressed that he has no intention of submitting his candidacy in the elections and that what he meant by stating his participation in the elections was that he intends to vote and not run. According to several reports, Ahmadinejad told Nikzad to submit his candidacy, but God only knows what happened to Nikzad in the 24 hours since he was forced to say that he only planned to vote in the elections. Not much time remains before the elections, and there were others who denied their candidacy but who now have a coalition in a coalition. There is no doubt that one of the most important events related to the elections in recent hours is the claim made by one of the government media outlets that due to the many legal proceedings, the Guardian Council would undoubtedly not approve the candidacy of Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf (mayor of Tehran and member of the 2+1 Coalition). This move is unquestionably more than just a news report, but a measure designed to remove the 2+1 coalition from all activity or inspire fear in the coalition and prevent it from submitting Ghalibaf as the final candidate. Investigations reveal that the conservative principlists view Ghalibaf as their main rival and are trying before the initial stages of the elections to eliminate him. The announcement that the Ghalibaf candidacy would not be approved has two advantages for the government candidate, either they will cause Ghalibaf not to submit his candidacy in the alliance or they will cause their candidate (Mashaei) to be approved by the Guardian council.


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