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Humiliating agreement - Criticism of tourism agreements between Iran and Egypt

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

An editorial titled, “Humiliating Agreement, Egyptians Can Visit Anywhere, While Iranians Cannot,” recalled that this past Saturday was the first flight from Cairo to Tehran in thirty years. Passengers on this flight included an Iranian diplomat and his family. At the same time, a flight left Iran to Egypt carrying 50 Iranian tourists to Aswan. It therefore appears that the passengers on both first flights, the one leaving Tehran and the one leaving Cairo, carried Iranian passengers and no Egyptians have traveled to Iran yet. According to the agreement recently reached between Iran and Egypt, as a first move to improving ties between the two countries, the agreement seems to be unbalanced in favor of Egypt. The most prominent example of this is the ban the Egyptian government has imposed on Iranian tourists, prohibiting them from traveling to Cairo and major tourist sites such as the pyramids or religious Shiite sites. Furthermore, Egypt has not cancelled the visa requirement for Iranian tourists, and the Egyptian Tourism Minster stressed that Iranian tourists would undergo a security check upon their arrival in Egypt and that there would not be Egyptian tourism to Iran since Egypt is a country that receives tourists and does not send them. Many Iranian experts and analysts view the tourism agreement between the two countries as an insult to Iranian honor and pride and in violation of international procedures as well. They claim that this agreement serves the interests of the Egyptians and provides no benefit for Iran. Iran has paved a unilateral path to Egyptian tourism and has not received an appropriate response from Egypt. Many Iranian analysts also view Egyptian behavior as demeaning.


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