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AEOI: Plans to enrich uranium to 45-56% for ships and submarines

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fereydoun Abbasi Davani, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), said that “At present, we have no plans to enrich uranium to a levels above 20%, but when it comes to certain needs, for example, for some ships and submarines, if our researchers need to have a stronger underwater presence, we will have to make small engines that should be fuelled by 45% to 56% enriched uranium… In that case, we might need this fuel.” Fereydoun Abbasi referred on the sidelines of the Nuclear Technology: Threat and Opportunity conference at Sharifi University to the  possible visit of the IAEA inspectors at the request of the Persian Gulf countries, which claim that the Bushehr (nuclear) power plant (NPP)  may not be fully safe, that “The request is of political nature and has is essentially propaganda. The agency’s inspectors are present in Iran, and they did not present any specific report regarding safety deviations at the Bushehr NPP… If the IAEA announces that it needs to visit the Bushehr NPP, we will welcome it as we always have, and they will be able to visit it.” When asked about the reaction of the US and some other countries to the launch of a yellow cake manufacturing factory in the Ardakan region in Yazd Province, Abbasi said, “It is possible that some countries get anxious about every kind of progress in Iran and consider it to be a threat against them.” He added that Iran is looking for uranium resources to provide the fuel needs for its operating (nuclear) reactors or are those set to be built in the future. Abbasi said that in this regard he had no information about Ahmadinejad’s visit to Niger to negotiate purchase of uranium.


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