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“This monster will not return to magic lamp!”

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kayhan‘s Editor in Chief, Hossein Shariatmadari referred to the terror attack in Boston under the headline, “This monster will not return to the magic lamp!” Terrorism is a monster the US has released from the magic lamp and used against imaginary enemies or enemies that cannot be tamed. But today it seems that controlling this monster is out of the hands of the US, and it is not going to go back into the magic lamp. Last Monday, three powerful bombs exploded in Boston. The article wonders who the perpetrators or terrorist groups behind the wave of attacks are and what their motive could be. The author also believes that the likelihood of the leaders of Al-Qaeda being involved is low, because “Al-Qaeda leadership is now under the direct management of the US, and all the activities performed by this terrorist group to date, without exception, I repeat, without exception, have been directed against Muslim revolutionaries and enemies of the US and Israel”… They enjoy the direct and open support of the US in the European Union, and receive funding for their terrorist activities from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Amid all the speculation, two additional options can be considered:

  • Last year, there were several terror attacks by American civilians who fired on innocent people in schools and in other public places. These actions provoked a wave of protest in the US, citizens demonstrated in front of the White House and other government buildings, and demanded a ban on the unrestricted sale and possession of weapons in the US. Is it not possible that a group of Americans was behind the events in Boston? If this were true, the events in Boston could be seen as a continuation of many recent previous events.
  • Another option, that according to the evidence is stronger than the others, is the involvement of some US politicians in the Boston explosions. Players in the US political arena, “especially strong movements associated with influential Zionist circles and owners of capital have proved more than once that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.”

Fars News Agency’s cartoonist has published a cartoon in a similar vein.


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