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Ahmadinejad addresses ‘Epic of Presence Conference’ in Isfahan

Friday, 26 April 2013

Key points:

(Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei accompanied Ahmadinejad on the tour, and photos of the two were published on the President’s website).

  • Global management: The status of the Iranian nation has improved in the world, and today our nation is seeks justice at the global level and to realize divine objectives… We need to believe in our capabilities at the level of global management and plan for implementing such a management system in the world.
  • The patient will prevail: At the peak of nuclear engagements, when we said that we are the victors of the scene, someone sent me a message that such literature is merely comprised of false claims. He had assumed that my assessments were based on speculation from certain unreliable sources, but I told him that my words are based on God’s promise, where he says, ‘The patient will prevail.’
  • Just a few steps: I have plans to solve economic problems; some officials don’t permit me to do so  … negligence and feeling that we had reached the peak led to the present day condition, in which there is a race for gaining more and more income, and the capitalist economy, too, contributes to intensifying this mentality, in which even the religiously permitted ‘halal’ and the religiously forbidden ‘haram’ are easily intermingled.
  • Settling accounts with his critics: One of the gentlemen who keeps cursing the government today and was for a short while a member of the 9th government, took disadvantage of that short while and issued two orders based on which IRR 250 of IRR 260 billion were withdrawn from state money and deposited in one of his friends’ accounts for doing business…
  • Youth, wave in motion: Youth are the energy that can create epics, and the will of the young generation in Iran, too, is seen in wave after wave in motion.


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