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Final sentences in television debate on economy

Monday, 3 June 2013

During the presidential debate, the eight candidates each received one minute to summarize themselves for the citizens. These are the summary sentences of each candidate:

 Gharazi – We call on many citizens to vote in order to cause the Americans to withdraw.

Qalibaf – I thank all citizens. The citizens will be responsible for the political epic. I will be responsible for the economic epic.

Velayati – Revival of the Islamic culture – I hope to move in a path that will trigger a revival of Islamic and Iranian culture and that will have Iran take its place as a human and geographical jewel.

Jalili acknowledgement of weakness – We must, more than ever, acknowledge our weaknesses.

Hadad Adel, resistive economy – As we succeeded in the war with Iraq, we can overcome the sanctions with a change in lifestyle, resistive economy and mutual assistance.

Aref, path of progress – I hope for the productive participation of citizens in the elections. We expect that they will vote for the candidate that should head a country on the path of progress.

Rezaee hangs hope on Iranian youth – I see a clear and optimistic future. We will overcome the sanctions and transform the price into opportunity. I hang my hopes first and foremost on Iranian youth.

Rouhani, government of hope – My government will be a government of hope and the right steps. I see myself as responsible to fight poverty of citizens, particularly workers.

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