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Qalibaf leads in polls following first television debate

Monday, 3 June 2013

The first elections poll following the first television debate between the eight presidential candidates shows the following results. According to the report, the poll was conducted by a leading polltaker in Iran:

Qalibaf 23.7%; Velayati 10.9%; Rezaee 10.8%, Jalili 10.4%, Aref 6.6%, Rouhani 6.5%, Hadad Adel 4.4% and Gharazi 1.6%. The poll also examined how, if at all, voters will change their vote if Khatami and Rafsanjani express support of any candidate. 54.1% claimed that they would not change their vote, 29.2% said that they would vote for the candidate who would receive the support of both.

23.7% said that the candidate’s ability to solve economic problems is the most important attribute of any presidential candidate; 22.9% claimed that performance management is an important characteristic, 14.4% discussed the ability to solve Iran’s international difficulties as the most important attribute while 10.1% claimed that political and social reputation is the primary criteria in choosing a candidate.

In the event of only two candidates, the results of the surveys reveal:

Qalibaf-Jalili: Qalibaf 55.9%, Jalili 27.5%

Qalibaf Velayati: Qalibaf 47.2%, Velayati 27.9%

Qalibaf-Aref: Qalibaf 55.7%, Aref 19.7%

Qalibaf-Rouhani: Qalibaf 55.4%, Rouhani 21%

Velayati-Jalili: Velayati 38.9%, Jalili 29.3%

Velayati-Aref: Velayati 32.3%, Aref 27.3%

Jalili-Rouhani: Jalili 32%, Rouhani 28.3%

Rezaee-Rouhani: Rezaee 37.5%, Rouhani 29.2%

Velayati-Rezaee: Velayati 39.7%, Rezaee 30.2%


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Monday, 3 June 2013
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