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Rouhani interview

Monday, 3 June 2013

In an interview with one of Iran’s television stations, Hassan Rouhani said that once the economic have been solved and citizens’ welfare  has been addressed, the most important program will focus on resolving relationships with other countries. According to Rouhani, in today’s world, there are no permanent friends or enemies. Friendship and hostilities are determined by interests and mutual respect. Rouhani further said that when bogged down by false theories that purport that the world is united against us (implying Ahmadinejad), and we have no other way but all-out confrontation, our relationship with the world will never be good. No country in today’s world can build walls around itself. No country can develop when it is isolated. In today’s world, a good life cannot be achieved without relations with the rest of the world. We cannot allow our enemy to achieve its plan to isolate Iran. We must repair our relations with the world, first and foremost with our neighboring countries. Rouhani added that the type of relationship Iran has with some countries is derived from a type of hostility with the US. Ties with the US are currently defined as hostile, and efforts should be made to lower the level from hostile to tense. Rouhani went on to say that over the past several years, Iran has experienced serious economic and social difficulties that have affected Iranians living in Iran as well as those living outside the country. “We have huge problems such as inflation and difficulties in exports. I am basing my economic plan on production and fair distribution of wealth.”

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Monday, 3 June 2013
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