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Rouhani: Not one government promise has been fulfilled

Monday, 3 June 2013

In a meeting with army veterans, presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani said, “We have many problems today. Our hearts are filled with pain. I have kept silent for eight years, although I expressed criticism quietly and calmly. Why is Iran currently subjected to these circumstances, and why are we under economic pressure? I examined prices of products in several businesses in May of last year and this past May, regardless of government or Central Bank statistics. We are seeing that some products have tripled in price within one year. Why is this happening? The people don’t deserve this. If a solution to these problems had been found, I would not have submitted my candidacy and would not have promised to resolve them.  All factory owners are saying that they are producing 60% of their production capacity, and this holds true for the petrochemical sector as well.  All South Pars projects are dormant and no promise has been fulfilled. These problems can be solved. My motto is saving the economy.


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Monday, 3 June 2013
  • By: Iran Daily Brief
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