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Several Rouhani supporters arrested by security forces

Monday, 3 June 2013

A ceremony held by the headquarters of  young people supporting Hassan Rouhani at the prayer house in Jamaran ended with a clash with internal security forces and the arrest of several participants. Several of the participants held photos of Mousavi and Karroubi and called out political slogans such as, “Yah Hossein Mir Hossein” and “Free the political prisoners.” Security forces broke up the ceremony and arrested several of the participants, including the head of the headquarters and several members. Saedollah Badashti, the head of Rouhani’s youth campaign, Mohammad Parsi, Shirin Mirkarami and Mohsen Rahmani were among those arrested. A video uploaded by the Rouhani YouTube campaign showed Rouhani’s supporters calling for the release of political prisoners, including Mir Hossein Mousavi. Rouhani demanded that the country’s “securitized atmosphere” be stopped. “Our people deserve more peace, more freedom, more prosperity, more honor and more security. This is only possible with your presence. Don’t let them discourage you. If people don’t show up to vote on election day, they have effectively left the field open to your opponents.”

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Monday, 3 June 2013
  • By: Iran Daily Brief
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