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The ideal candidate – man of balance

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

An editorial penned by the chief editor of Faru website, Mohammad Nubin, “Who is now the regime’s candidate?” In the elections, the Islamic Republic of Iran needs two things: heavy voter turnout and a revival of efficiency and productivity. Citizen participation in the elections will stabilize the Republic, while revival of efficiency and productivity will reinforce Islam. Without these two elements, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to sit at the negotiating table with the world. Without these two, it can no longer be said that this regime is a unique model for other nations. As such, do we understand who the regime’s candidate is in the elections? The person who can bring citizens to the ballot boxes, to revive the people’s hopes, to remind them that their votes are valuable and will be the first spark and the people who will believe in change will be revived and start to move. Restoring public trust, however, is extremely difficult, and the person who manages to understand how to do this will take the first step in becoming the regime’s preferred candidate. Under poor economic circumstances, the regime needs someone who is effective and productive in every field, from the most marginal to the most major. A person who can advance on a platform without tension and confrontation, and who will lay the groundwork for a fight for things that have become a custom (lack of law, corruption, etc.). Efficacy and productivity are the most important concepts that can settle economic and political policies at this time for the regime. Alongside these ideas, policies should be considered and an exit of the current crises should be considered while relying on actual measures and problem solving. The regime’s candidate, therefore, under the current circumstances, is the one who walks the golden path, in the middle. He will avoid any independent and extreme move and will know how to overcome problems of welfare and empty pockets of citizens. He will need to move in middle ground and not on the edge. Iran’s economic path passes through politics, and without a war on corruption and embezzlement and interests, it will be impossible to effect fundamental change in the economy and to restore Iran’s economy to its natural path. In light of all of these, the regime’s candidate will be the person who can restore balance between those in government and those below – outside of government!


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  • Published: 2 years ago on Tuesday, 11 June 2013
  • By: Iran Daily Brief
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