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Velyati and Jalili argue over strategies and consequences of nuclear negotiations

Friday, 14 June 2013

During the third presidential debate, Ali Akbar Velayati and Saeed Jalili argued over the strategies and consequences of the nuclear negotiations. Velayati lambasted Jalili saying, “In the latest round of negotiations in Almaty, Iran missed an opportunity to lift some of the sanctions, but Mr. Jalili rebuffed 5+1 offers and did not accept them.” According to Velayati, the 5+1 offered to lift three of the sanctions “if we (Iran) agreed to stop (uranium) enrichment to 20 percent as well as slow down the Fordo (Enrichment Plant). But you (Jalili)  demanded that all the sanctions should be lifted. This shows that you do not want to make any (real) progress (in the nuclear talks). It is as if someone offers to buy a 100 toman item for only two tomans! The seller would say, ‘if you’re not a serious buyer, why are you here?’ Issues get resolved during negotiations, step-by-step, and gradually.” Responding to the criticism, Jalili reportedly denied the veracity of Velayati’s version of the Almaty nuclear talks, and said, “They (5+1) told us they would lift the sanctions after we halt the 20 percent (uranium) enrichment. This is like giving pearls in exchange for bonbons, which is what your friends (Hassan Rouhani and Khatami’s reformist government) pursued in the past….We told them (P5+1) we would back down just as far as they would; if they backed down five kilometers, we would also back down five kilometers. The British representative wanted to agree to this, but the American representative stopped him. They did not agree to back down (at all). Because of our convincing logic, they left to consult with their bosses, which took 40 days.” Velayati responded, “Diplomacy is not a philosophy class for you to say ‘our logic was convincing.’ People see that you are in charge of the negotiations and nothing has come out of them. Sanctions have continued to increase and people are increasingly under pressure.”

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  • Published: 2 years ago on Friday, 14 June 2013
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