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Iran’s media try to unveil Iran’s new First Lady; New York Times succeeds

Friday, 21 June 2013

The wives of Iranian politicians are often nearly invisible. They rarely appear in public and, usually, little about them is known. In that sense, the wife of Iranian President Elect Hassan Rouhani is no exception. What is unusual, however, is that Iranian media do not even seem to know her name. In the few reports that Iranian news agencies and websites have run about the presidential candidates’ wives, she is always either missing or described merely as “the wife of Hassan Rouhani.” Iran News Network maintained, “There is no information available,” while another noted that her name has seemingly never been mentioned in public. It said she does not participate in social or political activities and added, “She is a housewife and they were married in a traditional way.” ISNA admitted, “Despite all of our efforts to obtain more and precise information about her in order to understand her role in Hassan Rouhani’s life, we did not receive a positive response from his close aides and his campaign.” Rouhani was quoted in the report as saying that his family had chosen her for him. “I was about 20 years old. My father insisted, my mother as well… I wasn’t very reluctant.” On June 19, an Iranian website quoted Rouhani’s 86-year-old mother as saying that Rouhani’s wife was 14 years old when they married. Thomas Erdbrink, New York Times Tehran Bureau Chief tweeted from Tehran that Rouhani’s wife’s name is Sahebe Arabi and that they were married when she was 19.


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