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Is IRGC trying to dictate economic agenda for new government?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

An article by Dr. Yadallah Javani in the IRGC weekly titled, “The Agenda of the New Government, Political or Economic”: The elections, with all of their ups and downs, ended, and a political epic was recorded. The question being asked is what will be the new government’s agenda as a result of this epic, political or economic? Every government, of course, based on its legal authorities, has roles in every sphere of life but the question is what will be the main approach and main agenda. The agenda of the Rafsanjani regime was economic, resulting in his government’s being called the construction government. The agenda of the Khatami government was political, and therefore slogans included civil society, political development and reform. Eyes are now turned to Dr. Rouhani, and it appears that two important factors will influence and shape the next government:

  1. Demand of political groups – Reformist groups and parties are trying to take control of Mr. Rouhani and create the impression that his victory is their victory. They are asking him to adopt a political approach. The complete political statement of Mohammad Reza Khatami proves that the demand from Rouhani is completely political. In this statement, Khatami presented Rouhani with demands that included the lifting of house arrest of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi (Green Movement leaders who have been under house arrest for the past two years), and the release of prisoners arrested following the previous elections.
  2. Public demands – Public demands from Mr. Rouhani, according to all testimony, are economic in nature. Demands to solve economic and welfare problems, restrain the high cost of living and inflation, development of manufacturing while lowering unemployment.

The IRGC weekly summarizes (expounds?!) that in light of the above, Rouhani’s agenda will focus on economic issues. “Mr. Rouhani is primarily a social figure and not a politician. He responds in a calculated manner to political demands such as those by Mohammad Reza Khatami. The regime, leadership and people expect the creation of an economic epic.”


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